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My Yearly Unannounced Visit From Licensing

Yesterday I had an unannounced visit from licensing. Ever since I opened my daycare five years ago I have had an unannounced visit from licensing every year. So I was expecting one soon since my last visit was on October 28th of last year. Sure enough there was a knock at the door at 1:47 PM, yes I looked at the clock. It never fails, every single unannounced visit has been at naptime which is when I least expect it. I opened the door to greet her. She had on a purple floral dress which color coordinated with her purple briefcase on wheels along with her purple thermos. Normally when I see my analyst I get this nervous, anxiety feeling that creeps up on me. But this time was different as I didn’t get that feeling when I saw her friendly face. The program analyst was polite and apolog...