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SB 792

Immunizations Required For California Daycare Providers

Are you aware of the new bill SB 792 mandating vaccines for California daycare providers? My mother is a retired preschool teacher but she still volunteers at the preschool school from time to time. A week ago the director emailed her informing her she would be subject to a new law. The law was in regards to immunizations for California child care licensees, staff, and volunteers. Its effective date happens to be today, September 1, 2016. According to the new law a person may not be employed or volunteer at a child care center or family child care home unless he or she has been immunized against influenza (option to opt-out), pertussis, and measles or qualifies for an exemption. You can find more details about this law here. My mother quickly called me and asked if I was aware of this law,...