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Daycare Policies

It is important that you have set forth your daycare policies for all to follow in order to run your business as smoothly as possible.

Daycare interviews are a two-way street, be prepared for both

When preparing for an interview in your in-home daycare, just remember that it is like a two-way street. It goes both ways. You get to do the interviewing too. In this article, we will be discussing things to take in consideration when doing the interviewing and when being interviewed. Remember a two-way street is a situation in which both sides must put forth an equal amount of effort to achieve a desired result. Which in this case is the best care possible for said child. Questions to ask parents Questions parents may ask you Discussions to have with parents Make sure to go over your policies with any potential daycare parents. This will help you in the long run hopefully weed out any families that may not be a good fit within your child care program. I usually have my contract ready for...

How to enforce daycare policies even if you’re an introvert

This particular blog post is especially important to all the daycare providers out there to make sure they have their policies in place and stick to them. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will take advantage of your kindness. Know how to handle them in advance and prepare yourself for what’s to come. Always be one step ahead. It will help you especially in times where you find yourself burned out. Remember you’re not just a daycare provider, you are an entrepreneur, you are a business owner, and you…you matter! I don’t think most people change their basic personality in regards to introversion or extroversion. You can, however, learn or adapt to different skills that will help you in life… without changing who you fundamentally are. -Chris Guillebeau An intr...