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What to look for when purchasing your child care website theme

What to look for when purchasing your child care website theme

There are many factors to look at before purchasing your child care website theme. This article will help you with just that. It’s not as simple as just picking out a random theme and hoping it will all come together as you like. It takes a lot of thought to create your brand, your look, and have your child care website work for your users.

Here are some key design elements to look for when picking out your website theme or template.

  1. Your Child Care Logo
  2. Imagine how your child care logo or child care business name will look on the theme you’re thinking about purchasing. Remember your logo is your brand. It is very important to make sure your brand is well recognized in your community as a child care provider.

    We can always change colors of the theme to incorporate the look of your child care logo. Or if the theme has the colors you’re looking for then we can always customize your child care logo to have the same look as the website template.

    Imagining what your logo will look like will help you when picking out your child care WordPress theme. And is an important step to visualize before making your purchase.

  3. Responsive Theme
  4. Most website templates will now be responsive. What does that mean? It means that the website design has been resized using HTML and CSS to make your website look good on all devices. Devices such as desktops, tablets, and phones.

    Why is this important? Because most people use their phones nowadays when doing online searches. So you want your website to be compatible with all devices giving the user the best layout depending on what device they’re using. It is very hard to read or browse a website that does not have a responsive design.

  5. Pictures
  6. Most themes come with free for commercial use pictures already built in the theme. But, more than likely you’ll want to change them out. As they may not be the same age as the children in your care. For instance, you might have picked a Kindergarten theme when purchasing your child care website template. And let’s say you take care of children under the age of two. If this is the case, then you’ll want to change out those “Kindergarten” images to images that display infants and/or toddlers.

    You can either use your own images if of course, you have parent permission. Or you can use the free for commercial use images that you find on sites such as Pixabay.

    Many people will make decision-based on images alone. So make sure they’re the best images you can find that look the best with the template you have chosen to purchase. Here are 7 tips for choosing website images that increase conversions. This list is a good list to follow when thinking about what images to add to your website.

    And if you have to get some professional pictures taken of your child care business and the children in your care. It’s a one-time thing that will make a big difference on your website and those visiting your website.

  7. Navigation
  8. Navigation is a very important factor when picking out your website. It’s really all about the user experience. Is your new website template easy to navigate? Does it have all the pages and forms needed to give the user what they want? If not, think about the pages that you want to see on your new website. Again, you’ll have to visualize this process. Visualizing your website ahead of time will make things a lot smoother when customizing your website, otherwise your website designer won’t know exactly what you’re looking for when completing your project.

    Don’t necessarily think about what you need and what works best for you. But put the user first, and what would work best for the user navigating your site and giving them the information that they are looking for.

    Conclusion, If you have any questions you can always reach out to your website designer, hopefully, that’s me 😉 and asking them what’s possible or not when planning your website design. Remember, keep it simple and user-friendly that’s your best bet. And of course, make your brand known across your website so that you’re easily remembered amongst those in the community.

    What to look for when purchasing your child care website theme

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