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Not Just Another Child Care Provider Facebook Group, I Promise

HelloDaycare Peeps! Facebook Group: You're Invited!
Ok, ok, I know…there are tons of Facebook groups out there for child care providers BUT THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT, I promise. Why? Because we encourage parents and guardians to join our group too. This group is not exclusive to child care providers, as we have an “open-door policy” where all are welcome to become a member.

What our group can do for you:

Provider to ProviderMeet other providers. Share forms, contracts, and handbooks. Discuss business tactics, taxes, licensing requirements. Share spaces, ideas, and crafts. Talk about day-to-day issues, what-would-you-do type scenarios. Get opinions, network, and provide positive feedback to other providers.

Provider to ParentMeet parents involved in child care. Find out their expectation for what to look for in a good provider. Get another viewpoint when solving problems and asking for advice. Hear their ideas about sleep training, bottle feeding, how to handle certain behavioral issues.

Parent to ProviderParents find out about licensing requirements, how to find child care facilities in your areas, what questions to ask during an interview. Ask questions on how to handle a certain situation with your current provider. What would you do if your provider did this? Get craft and activity ideas for your children.

Parent to ParentMeet other parents that have children in child care. Find out from parents why they chose the child care facility they did and what works for them. Learn about experiences other parents went through with their child care. Make new friends and interact daily.

Become a Member: HelloDaycare Peeps Facebook Group

HelloDaycare Facebook Group
  • HelloDaycare Peeps! Facebook Group: You're Invited!

    This group is a great idea for those of us who want our kids to go to daycare, even if we are home part time with them. My other SAHM friends all have their kids 24/7, with a few using a preschool 1-3 days a week for 3-4 hours a day (not much). So if anyone would like to be “friends” it would be cool to get to know some other moms/families that use daycare and really see how their kids benefit from the places they’ve chosen.

    Terra Collins
  • HelloDaycare Peeps! Facebook Group: You're Invited!

    Excited about the opportunity to meet other parents and child care providers in this group. When I’ve had questions about my child care business I’ve always wanted the input of both parties to complete the circle. I believe child care providers may provide some insights while parents can provide another perspective. Something I’ve always wanted to see in other groups.

    Elyssa McGregor

We do Have Some Rules

#1 Be kind. The last thing needed is to stress out or add stress to our fellow community members. For all of us have enough stress trying to make sure we are doing what’s best for the children.

Think before you post. Take time to calm your jets. While we realize our community group may be your first place to come and vent, it may not be the best of ideas to do so. However, we do not want to ignore your situation altogether. We suggest either taking 24 hours to calm your jets OR reaching out to a fellow member for help. Maybe even help word your post in a better way to be presented on the HelloDaycare group forum.

Please take a few minutes to read the pinned post at the top of the group before posting. Here we have listed a few rules to keep the group productive and friendly. Group activity will be closely monitored and the rules will be strictly enforced to promote a positive experience for all.

For more rules please visit or HelloDaycare Facebook Group Rules page. The rules are forever changing so it is the member’s responsibility to check back to stay up-to-date with the group guidelines.

How do I Join the Group?

It’s easy as 1, 2, 3. Just click on this link to join our HelloDaycare Facebook Group and request to join. An administrator or moderator will then approve your request to join. Upon joining our group, you are required to read our guidelines here. And don’t forget to add your friends! As mentioned before, this is a closed group. Anyone can see the group and its members in news feed, search and other places on Facebook but only members see posts.

See you online soon,
The HelloDaycare Team

HelloDaycare Peeps Facebook Group

HelloDaycare Peeps Facebook Group

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