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How to enforce daycare policies even if you’re an introvert

How To Enforce Daycare Policies Even If You're An Introvert

This particular blog post is especially important to all the daycare providers out there to make sure they have their policies in place and stick to them. Unfortunately, there are people out there that will take advantage of your kindness. Know how to handle them in advance and prepare yourself for what’s to come. Always be one step ahead. It will help you especially in times where you find yourself burned out. Remember you’re not just a daycare provider, you are an entrepreneur, you are a business owner, and you…you matter!

I don’t think most people change their basic personality in regards to introversion or extroversion. You can, however, learn or adapt to different skills that will help you in life… without changing who you fundamentally are.
-Chris Guillebeau

An introvert’s guide to sticking to daycare policies

Put it in writing.

Put your daycare policies in writing. This will make things easier in the long run. Having a written parent provider contract in place keeps “you in charge”. Less hassle verbally explaining the policies and procedures you have in place within your daycare.

Add a policies page to your daycare’s website or even a FAQ page. A FAQ page on your daycare’s website allows for you to keep a digital copy of your rules at your fingertips for both the provider and the parents. If parents have misplaced their written copy of the handbook simply refer them to your website. Another plus for a digital copy is you can copy and paste certain policies and send them as text messages to your parents. Think of it as your online toolbox, a go to place, when you need to reference your policies you have set forth.

Stay on topic.

Don’t find yourself wondering off topic or being pulled off topic. This is done quite often to throw you off course, whether intentionally or not. Listen to your daycare parents but make sure their responses to your policies don’t take you off course as excuses for you to bend your own rules.

It’s okay to be nice, but stay strong, be firm. “I’m sorry that happened to you, but again, my policy is…” By doing this, you are acknowledging their circumstance whatever that may be but then standing firm and closing with your own stance.

I know as an introvert, this doesn’t come easily, but with practice you’ll get there. Know what to do before you’re caught off guard. Practice in front of the mirror. Practice with a family member. Have your responses available ahead of time.

Hang notices.

Hang notices right at the entrance of your daycare. Make sure to use bright colored paper. Introverts use visuals whenever possible. Here are some FREE pre-made daycare reminder printables to get you started.

Don’t use these as coloring pages for the children. Some parents might get the wrong idea and feel singled out. 😉

Send reminders.

It is a good idea to send reminders to your daycare parents from time to time. Copy your vacation policy from your website and paste it in a text message. “Just a friendly reminder, payment is still due even though your child will not be attending. Please refer to the vacation policy for any questions you might have.”

Post group messages using social media. Send reminders to them using your Facebook business page. To help you along, we created ready-to-use parent reminder images for daycare providers to use on your daycare’s Facebook page.

Don’t let anyone ever tell you that texting is a cop-out. It is a god-damn lifeline for the introverted. Texting puts things in writing. Texting can be done at a later time and not when you are caught off guard and easily persuaded to break your own rules.

Keep it professional.

I mean, it did cross my mind. I even discussed it with one of my daycare parents how daycare providers have a “No Pay, No Stay” policy. So heck, I thought about purchasing a t-shirt and having this phrase screen printed for all to see right across my chest. And why not, for an introvert, all you got to do is look down at the words on your t-shirt.

But then I thought it wasn’t so much professional. We had a good laugh about it though, like when she forgot to send me a daycare payment, and I told her I was gonna have to put on my “No Pay, No Stay” t-shirt. It’s still okay to have a laugh. 🙂

Use recurring PayPal payments.

Oh my God! This is the best thing I’ve ever done, DO THIS! I thought I had to pay PayPal an extra monthly fee for this service BUT it’s FREE and the best thing I ever implemented in my daycare. Introvert or not this is a must!

And guess what I got 5 out 5 child care families to “easily” agree to automatically charging their credit card on a weekly basis. To my surprise, many of them were extactic about this so guess what, THEY don’t have to worry about remembering to make the weekly payments. Collecting payments every week is not only a headache for you but a headache for the daycare families as well. Most people don’t have access to cash or use their checkbooks any more, so hey this solves that problem.

Be sure to check out our blog post on this topic, Use PayPal ‘recurring’ payments & never ask for a daycare payment again.

How to Enforce Daycare Policies Even if You're an Introvert

How to Enforce Daycare Policies Even if You’re an Introvert

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