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How to Start a Daycare at Home, a Simple Step-by-Step Guide

Note: This post is not to take place of your state’s licensing requirements. Make sure to follow the guidelines and laws within your state when it comes to oper...

Daycare interviews are a two-way street, be prepared for both

When preparing for an interview in your in-home daycare, just remember that it is like a two-way street. It goes both ways. You get to do the interviewing too. ...

Use PayPal ‘recurring’ payments & never ask for a daycare payment again

One of the best things I’ve ever done for my daycare is to make it mandatory for my daycare parents to sign up for PayPal Recurring Payments. And get paid...

How to enforce daycare policies even if you’re an introvert

This particular blog post is especially important to all the daycare providers out there to make sure they have their policies in place and stick to them. Unfor...

Um, yes…Google Voice is a must have for your child care business line

As a child care provider, I know what it’s like to want to cut down on expenses as much as possible. That’s why my husband and I recently decided to...