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I had to add this “fine print” to the bottom of my emails…

I had to add this “fine print” to the bottom of all my emails…

Three weeks ago I had a lady email me in regards to an infant opening I had in my daycare. She wanted to schedule a tour but after her daughter was going to be vaccinated in two weeks. I told her we could go ahead and schedule a tour after her daughter was vaccinated and that I would touch base in two weeks.

Fast forward three weeks later, I had filled my spot with a different family, a family I had met a week ago. They came for a tour, we figured we were a good fit for each other, and they put down a deposit to secure the spot.

I then receive an email from the lady telling me that her daughter had been vaccinated and she was ready to schedule a tour for this Friday. I had to reply back that I’m sorry but I ended up filling the spot with a family that I met with last Monday. If anything should change on my end I’ll be in touch.

She said…Thanks for the reply. I’m a bit confused because I thought the spot was being held for us to come visit after our daughter was vaccinated.

Hmmm…okay, where did I go wrong here? I did forget to follow up after two weeks, but nowhere did I state that I was holding the spot for a tour that wasn’t even scheduled yet.

Here’s how I responded…
I’m sorry that you are confused. We had discussed scheduling a tour after your daughter was vaccinated in two weeks per your request. Please know that scheduling a tour does not guarantee holding a spot within the daycare. The only way that a spot is secured in the daycare is after a tour and a deposit has been made. I wish you all the best with your search.

Now I feel the need to put at the bottom of my emails in fine print that reads…
Please note that scheduling a tour or even having an appointment for a tour does not guarantee your child a space in the Shadow Oaks Daycare program. Only once we have met, confirmed we are a good fit, and a deposit has been made will secure a spot with Shadow Oaks. Infant spots fill up quickly.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you have any fine print on your emails?

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