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An Open Letter To A Fellow Daycare Provider

An Open Letter To A Fellow Daycare Provider

Dear Fellow Daycare Provider,

I’m writing you this letter to “thank you” for your interest in my daycare. It’s not often I get phone calls from local daycare providers and quite frankly it took me by surprise. And with my introvert personality, I ended up being quite vague with you and your questions which I apologized about later in a text message along with filling in the blanks.

I was, however, excited to speak with you and share with you some of my daycare’s day-to-day operations, rates, activities, etc. I felt like we had a good conversation between two people, two adults. Well as good as it could be despite me being vague and caught off guard. But hopeful that we would be able to meet with each other soon. You were going to meet with me weren’t you?

A Message From One Daycare Provider To Another

I just wish you would have given me the benefit of the doubt and know that I support daycare providers, local or not. Did you think that if you revealed you were another daycare provider I would have hung up on you? OR maybe you wouldn’t have been able to get all the information you needed from me? But instead, you gave me false hope, maybe because you sounded genuinely interested. I’m sure that wasn’t your intention whatsoever. And of course, you had no idea what was going on in my life.

What I wanted to let you know and the reason why I’m writing this letter is to say that “It’s okay to tell me you’re another daycare provider and inquire about my child care business.” You didn’t need to call me under false pretenses as a mother interested in my services for your 6-week-old. I’m curious…when you talked everything over with your husband what did he have to say?

It’s okay to tell me you’re another daycare provider and inquire about my child care business.

How I Found Out You Were A Daycare Provider

I’m guessing you’re wondering how I found out you were another daycare provider scoping out my business. I’ve always been quite analytical and run conversations through my head and sometimes things just come to me by luck.

So before we hung up from our phone conversation I made sure that I got your name. Your name was familiar to me, a common name, but happened to resemble a name that I had seen that same day in a support group for moms in our community. That person, with your same name, was asking questions from the group about child care rates and services provided.

I thought, Oh My God! I wonder if that was the same lady, a daycare provider, trying to get information from me? Was it? Hmmmm, so I Googled your phone number from my Caller ID, a reverse phone lookup. And to my surprise, your daycare business appeared with your name and phone number. Oh wow, it was you that called me! But why didn’t you just say so?

I reached out to you, now knowing you were another daycare provider

Instead of calling you out on the mom’s group which isn’t my character, I sent you a private Facebook message. Basically laughed it off, and wanted to let you know it was okay. It read like this, “Hi. I saw your post and put it all together. 😉 LOL! No worries. Curious to your question on (mom’s group). Are you looking to change your rates and services? Are you guys full?”

But, for some odd reason, you didn’t catch on that it was me and responded back as if I were interested in a spot in your daycare. I mean it’s not like I’m well-known in the community. But I do have quite a unique name, Elyssa, that people would recognize especially since we had just gotten off the phone with each other that same day. Hi! My name is Elyssa, I’m a local daycare provider, nice to meet you!

I replied back…”What are your rates now? Do you guys take infants? Do you have the same rates for infants and preschoolers? Sorry for all the questions (why was I apologizing here?) What rates are you finding out for our area? Sometimes I get calls for two and three-year-olds, I could give them your info. Please feel free to contact me any time! 🙂”

I think this is where you connected the dots as this is how you responded…

Dear Daycare Provider, This Is What You’re Missing Out On…

I know you’re not the first to do this and I know you certainly won’t be the last. Heck, I’ve gone as far as looking up local daycares online including their Facebook pages and Yelp to get an idea of how others are operating in our area. The point is if you reveal that you are a daycare provider who knows what could come your way. Maybe someone that could support you and your business. Maybe a kind of person that would send inquiries your way when they are full. Just maybe a good friend or neighbor. The opportunities were there and still are, just please do it the right way, considerate way, next time.

A Daycare Provider

An Open Letter To A Fellow Daycare Provider

An Open Letter To A Fellow Daycare Provider

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