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How I found a ‘daycare near me’ and a helpful list for your child care search!

How I found a daycare near me and a helpful list for your child care search!

A popular search amongst the search engines are parents or guardians looking for a “daycare near me”. I know from experience this is one of the toughest things to do is to find a reputable daycare within a decent proximity of where you live. I’ve created a list of websites and search tips for finding a daycare near you. Hopefully this list will help you with your search. Please feel free to share with expecting parents or parents to be. And remember start your search as early as possible, spots do fill up fast.

I found a daycare near me by word of mouth, I wish I had the online tools to put together a list of daycares in my area. Thankfully, I found a Grandmother who only took teachers kids along with her Grandkids. And because my mother was a preschool teacher, available to help with the holidays and breaks, it worked out perfectly.

1. Search for a daycare on Yelp

On Yelp, you can find many daycares advertising their business and also get to read their reviews, if any have been left.

2. Find daycares advertising on CraigsList

I have heard many people frown at this option, BUT there are many good daycares including myself that post ads of immediate openings in their daycare on CraigsList. And I have had luck finding good families on CraigsList too. It is a great way for daycares to advertise their business for free and for them to get their daycare name out there.

Just look for the childcare link under the “community” heading and you’ll find local daycares advertising for spots available or to become available. I even know of some daycares that just post their ads on here for advertisement even if they don’t have any availability. Not such a bad idea if it gets their name out there and a tip for any daycares reading this post.

3. Care.com is another child care resource

Not only can you find nannies and babysitters at Care.com, but it’s another well-known resource when looking for daycares or child care centers. You can even post an ad as a family looking for child care and have potential child care providers contact you, although fees may apply for this option.

As a child care provider myself, I try to stay current with all the many child care companies. Some examples of those are Sitter.com, Sittercity.com, and UrbanSitter. Even though most of those are babysitting services, I have found families looking for child care, an in-home daycare, on these sites. Maybe even give Daycare Owl a try.

4. Google your city + daycare for an internet search

Some daycares that have websites or have added their child care service to Google Maps will show up in your search results. A great way to find out more about a daycare is by their website. Find their frequently asked questions, reviews from other parents, child care location, and hours of operation to name a few.

5. Find a daycare near you using Google Maps

Visit Google Maps and type in daycare and a list of child care facilities will show up that are located near you.

6. Check your local community Facebook groups

A lot of people looking for recommendations are searching for advice using their local mom’s or dad’s Facebook group. Perform a “daycare” search and find other discussions and recommendations provided by parents and child care providers in your area.

7. Ask someone you know.

Word of mouth is still viable when looking for a daycare. As I’ve had many families come to me from referrals. I know I’ve taken care of a total of four families from one office building. Check with your church, your realtor, a co-worker, or ask a friend. These are all good sources to go to when looking for a daycare for your little one.

How I found a 'daycare near me' and a helpful list for your child care search!

How I found a ‘daycare near me’ and a helpful list for your child care search!

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