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Daycare Girl Removes Diaper During Naptime

Daycare Girl Removes Diaper During Naptime

We are going on two days in a row where daycare girl has removed her diaper during naptime.

I should of known something was up since I walked into this the day before, but to be honest it hadn’t really crossed my mind. The fact that there was silence which would normally indicate they’re up to something was not a dead giveaway because it was naptime and they were supposed to be sleeping. As I opened the door and entered the room of glorious smells that gently breezed by my face, I find daycare girl sitting in her pack-n-play looking wide-eyed at me with diaper in hand. Yes she had given me a gift, but this gift was already unwrapped. Poop was smeared all over her face, clothes, arms, legs, pack-n-play…you name it. It was the gift that kept on giving!

I immediately picked her up out of the pack-n-play and gave her a quick bath. The only thought running through my head was how on earth can I prevent this from happening in the future. Daycare dad and I had chuckled about it happening the day before. He had text me “Forgot if you told me. Did you get a gift?” My response was “No I didn’t tell you. You would’ve remembered…your daughter took off her pants and diaper with a gift inside during naptime. Only a {insert daycare family’s last name here}!” His response was “At least she didn’t start painting.” Well today was different as she was a little more adventurous with the poop this time around.

So what do we do about daycare girl taking off her diaper?

She is 19 months old, so my first thought was do I request that she come in pull-ups and then I thought no if she can take off her clothes and diaper well duh she would be able to take off her pull-ups too. Do we revert back to baby bodysuits with all the snaps? Possibly. Do I put a baby monitor in the room and catch her in the act? Not sure. So I decided to text daycare mom and dad and get their feedback on the situation.

Daycare mom told me that she herself used to do this as a child and her mother had to start using cloth diapers with safety pins. I know this is not an option in our case. We are kind of at a standstill and not sure what to do. I did come across a couple of articles on this matter that I found interesting. One article suggested to use duct tape on the diaper, now there’s an idea, but I’m just not comfortable applying duct tape to a child. Another suggestion was to use one-piece, footless pajama sleepers and turn them around backwards, but it is towards the end of summer in California and that attire just wouldn’t work for this weather. Well tomorrow I think I will give the “put the diaper on backwards with the tabs in the back” suggestion a try and see how that goes, fingers-crossed.

What do you do in a situation like this? Would love to hear some suggestions from the daycare community.

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