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Sacramento Police Department Responds To Daycare Bouncy Complaint

A daycare celebrating their yearly fun day, parked a bouncer on the neighborhood street, apparently aggravating a nearby neighbor. The neighbor called in a complaint to the police department. And you’re going to love how the Sacramento Police Department responded. Check them out taking off their shoes, one concerned about holes in his socks, as they climb in and start bouncing away! Way to go Sacramento Police Department! Next year one of the supporting neighbors vows to gladly get a permit to close down the entire street.

Daycare Owner Frustrated With Raccoons Coming From House Next Door

Credit: YouTube This is extremely frustrating. I feel for all of those at this daycare. Animal control could surely relocate these raccoons. She called the city and the Wildlife Department told her to put bowls of vinegar out, cut her light on at night, and play loud music...unacceptable.

Daycare Worker Surprised With Car By Inspired Parent

Credit: YouTube