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Daycare Girl Removes Diaper During Naptime

We are going on two days in a row where daycare girl has removed her diaper during naptime. I should of known something was up since I walked into this the day before, but to be honest it hadn’t really crossed my mind. The fact that there was silence which would normally indicate they’re up to something was not a dead giveaway because it was naptime and they were supposed to be sleeping. As I opened the door and entered the room of glorious smells that gently breezed by my face, I find daycare girl sitting in her pack-n-play looking wide-eyed at me with diaper in hand. Yes she had given me a gift, but this gift was already unwrapped. Poop was smeared all over her face, clothes, arms, legs, pack-n-play…you name it. It was the gift that kept on giving! I immediately picked ...