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How Blogging Can Help Advertise Your Child Care Business

Why Blogging Can Help Advertise Your Child Care Business

Have you ever thought about blogging? Blogging is actually a great way to advertise your child care business. Not only that, people link to blogs and what does that do in return? That improves your Google Search rankings for your website.

It really doesn’t have to be all that complicated. You can start with something short and aim for about 300 words per blog post.

And it really can be about anything. You can write about family, friends, or daycare crafts and activities. I’ve even gone as far as writing about things that happen in the daycare, like the time I was told I was not a good fit. Not one of my proudest moments but at least it gives you a general idea of topics that you can write about.

So, let’s talk about a better moment. Like when I wrote my first article, the snuggle is real at daycare. It was my first and by far my most visited blog post and it only had a 415 word count. But has had over 20,000 visitors to that particular blog post. So you can definitely keep things simple and not over complicate.

Blogging keeps your website current

If you’ve started a website with me then you’re using WordPress. WordPress is one of the best, if not the best, blogging platforms out there to use. Which makes it perfect for you to blog on your child care business website.

Blogging helps keep your website current. And guess what? Google loves fresh content and so do your followers. Keeping your website current means keeping your followers engaged and increases the number of visitors to your website page. Another key factor that Google loves and you should too, visitors.

Content tells Google what you’re all about

Blogging, producing content, is a great way to tell Google what you’re all about. Even more so important is telling your visitors what you’re all about. It’s your visitors you’ll be converting into clients, not Google.

The more content you put out there the more chances you’ll have to get visitors to your website. And it really isn’t as much about quantity as the quality of the blog posts that you need to be concerned about. Quality definitely outweighs quantity hands down when it comes to writing good content.

Blogging can help your Google Search rankings

Like I mentioned above, blogging can help with your child care search engine optimization. One by putting more quality-driven content out there and two by people linking to your blog posts. These two factors will help your rankings in Google Search which in return will get you more site visitors.

But, blogging isn’t the only way to help your Google Search rankings. There’s a lot more to local search engine optimization that will help your rankings. This is why I show up on page 1 of Google for the keyphrase “Thousand Oaks Daycare“. Just look for my child care business called Shadow Oaks Daycare. It wasn’t just blogging that got me here. But, blogging certainly helped improve my rankings.

It represents your brand

Did you know the number one reason Google ranks a website is because of their brand? Google loves brands. Why because they are well-liked by online users. And Google can spot a brand from social media signals to click-through-rates on your website. By creating a well-liked, well-remembered brand, you’ll in return get recognized by Google.

Conclusion, if you’re at all interested in starting a daycare or child care blog to advertise your business I’m right here to help you along. Simply comment below or ask a question and I’ll be sure to get back to you.

How Blogging Can Help Advertise Your Child Care Business

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Interestingly enough, I'm a home daycare provider at Shadow Oaks Daycare in Thousand Oaks, California. Before Shadow Oaks Daycare, I worked at a promotional advertising company in the advertising specialty industry as a System Analyst and Cost Accountant. On my spare time I like to create websites using WordPress.