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My Thirteen Year Old Wants Her Room Back

I use my thirteen year old daughter’s bedroom as the daycare nap room. We are a family of four and live in a three bedroom single story home. Our home also happens to be my place of business with four daycare children under the age of two. Honestly, I wish it was a four bedroom home so that I could have a spare bedroom to utilize as the daycare kids napping room. I really like the idea of having a separate sleeping space for the daycare kids. They know that when they go in that particular room that it is time to go to sleep. My only other option is to have their sleeping area in the playroom. I know other daycares and infant centers that do this but I always feel like the daycare kids get better sleep and aren’t disturbed as much in a separate bedroom. This article proves my po...

Choosing A Business Name For Your Daycare

One of the first things I did before opening up my daycare was decide on a business name. If your anything like me you’ll dwell on this for hours with all kinds of words, names, and ideas flashing through your head. The worst is when you wake up in the middle of the night with a great idea just to forget by morning. I try to keep a log of all my ideas so that I don’t forget but I know this can be hard to do at times. Keeping a notepad by your bedside can help as some of my best ideas come to me at night. I’d also like to mention, be prepared to drive your family members crazy with “What about this name?” or “How does this sound?” questions. When deciding on a company name I personally like to focus on one, my surroundings, and two, meaning. You als...

Immunizations Required For California Daycare Providers

Are you aware of the new bill SB 792 mandating vaccines for California daycare providers? My mother is a retired preschool teacher but she still volunteers at the preschool school from time to time. A week ago the director emailed her informing her she would be subject to a new law. The law was in regards to immunizations for California child care licensees, staff, and volunteers. Its effective date happens to be today, September 1, 2016. According to the new law a person may not be employed or volunteer at a child care center or family child care home unless he or she has been immunized against influenza (option to opt-out), pertussis, and measles or qualifies for an exemption. You can find more details about this law here. My mother quickly called me and asked if I was aware of this law,...

The Snuggle Is Real At Daycare

Sometimes I find myself waking up in the middle of the night thinking about the daycare kids. Recently I’ve been thinking about one of my daycare graduates. Yesterday was her first day of kindergarten. I guess that’s why she’s been on my mind, you see she’s growing up and on to new adventures. My mind kept going back to a time I got to see her right after the family came back from maternity leave. They were dropping off her baby sister to start daycare. If I remember correctly, daycare graduate was unsure about giving me a hug. Mom reassured her that she only had to give me a hug if she wanted to, so I respected that and didn’t ask for one. Moments before they were about to leave and when I least expected it “she” decided to give me a hug. It was a...

How To Make A Teddy Bear From A Towel

Credit: YouTube Cute do-it-yourself teddy bear towel completed in a minute. Made from a towel, rubber bands, and ribbon.

Daycare Girl Removes Diaper During Naptime

We are going on two days in a row where daycare girl has removed her diaper during naptime. I should of known something was up since I walked into this the day before, but to be honest it hadn’t really crossed my mind. The fact that there was silence which would normally indicate they’re up to something was not a dead giveaway because it was naptime and they were supposed to be sleeping. As I opened the door and entered the room of glorious smells that gently breezed by my face, I find daycare girl sitting in her pack-n-play looking wide-eyed at me with diaper in hand. Yes she had given me a gift, but this gift was already unwrapped. Poop was smeared all over her face, clothes, arms, legs, pack-n-play…you name it. It was the gift that kept on giving! I immediately picked ...

Daycare Owner Frustrated With Raccoons Coming From House Next Door

Credit: YouTube This is extremely frustrating. I feel for all of those at this daycare. Animal control could surely relocate these raccoons. She called the city and the Wildlife Department told her to put bowls of vinegar out, cut her light on at night, and play loud music...unacceptable.

Baby Laughs Uncontrollably At Dad

Credit: YouTube Cute video of baby laughing along with dad...wassuupp!!

Tippy Cup And Osprey Baby Carrier Recall

Credit: YouTube

Daycare Worker Surprised With Car By Inspired Parent

Credit: YouTube

Gerber Pouches Recalled Due To Packaging Defect

Credit: YouTube Pay attention to the beginning of this video. Had to laugh...none of us are perfect. At least she corrects herself towards the end.

Working At A Daycare By Ashley Marie

Credit: YouTube Cute little video by Ashley Marie of her experiences working in a daycare. Watch to the end and see all the drawings she received from the daycare kids who surely love Miss Ashley.

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