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An Open Letter To A Fellow Daycare Provider

Dear Fellow Daycare Provider, I’m writing you this letter to “thank you” for your interest in my daycare. It’s not often I get phone calls from local daycare providers and quite frankly it took me by surprise. And with my introvert personality, I ended up being quite vague with you and your questions which I apologized about later in a text message along with filling in the blanks. I was, however, excited to speak with you and share with you some of my daycare’s day-to-day operations, rates, activities, etc. I felt like we had a good conversation between two people, two adults. Well as good as it could be despite me being vague and caught off guard. But hopeful that we would be able to meet with each other soon. You were going to meet with me weren’t you...

Not Just Another Child Care Provider Facebook Group, I Promise

Ok, ok, I know…there are tons of Facebook groups out there for child care providers BUT THIS ONE IS DIFFERENT, I promise. Why? Because we encourage parents and guardians to join our group too. This group is not exclusive to child care providers, as we have an “open-door policy” where all are welcome to become a member. What our group can do for you: Become a Member: HelloDaycare Peeps Facebook Group We do Have Some Rules #1 Be kind. The last thing needed is to stress out or add stress to our fellow community members. For all of us have enough stress trying to make sure we are doing what’s best for the children. Think before you post. Take time to calm your jets. While we realize our community group may be your first place to come and vent, it may not be the best of ...

I Was Told ‘We Are Not A Good Fit’

I had finally filled my last daycare spot that I had been trying to fill for several months, mainly because I was having the worst year ever. But things were “starting” to look up as I brought on a new family. They were transitioning over from another daycare that again was not a good fit for them and their family’s needs. Maybe this was the beginning of a pattern for this family, I have no idea, just mere speculation. Or maybe they were just having bad luck like me. The ‘not a good fit’ week. The ‘not a good fit’ week didn’t start off too good and not because of the daycare. On a personal note, we were dealing with family illnesses and the slaughter of our chicken (named after one of my daycare kids) by a raccoon in our backyard. So we alrea...

Sacramento Police Department Responds To Daycare Bouncy Complaint

A daycare celebrating their yearly fun day, parked a bouncer on the neighborhood street, apparently aggravating a nearby neighbor. The neighbor called in a complaint to the police department. And you’re going to love how the Sacramento Police Department responded. Check them out taking off their shoes, one concerned about holes in his socks, as they climb in and start bouncing away! Way to go Sacramento Police Department! Next year one of the supporting neighbors vows to gladly get a permit to close down the entire street.