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12 Facebook Groups For Daycare Providers

HelloDaycare Peeps! I’ve put together a list of popular Facebook groups for daycare providers in case some of you were not aware they existed. I was planning to make this an ongoing list as more groups emerge. But I never realized so many groups were out there until I started working on this blog post. Wowsers! There are a lot to choose from! It appears many daycare providers have branched off and started their own groups, with the same purpose, different venue per se. I have to be honest I never paid much attention to any of the Facebook groups until last year. The only reason I started joining groups was because of a friend of mine, a daycare parent. She would talk about conversations she had read on the local community groups and suggest that I should join. I did, and it was like a ligh...

How To Choose A Social Media Username

So you want to grab a social media username for your daycare business? If YES, then you’re headed in the right direction. Securing a username across the internet is an important step to take after deciding on your daycare business name. Once you have decided on a company name for your child care business you’ll want to grab its username across the internet on social media to build your brand presence. This can be a nerve-wracking task, especially if your username has already been taken. BUT, don’t fret, just get creative. A well thought out username can make a BIG difference for your business when communicating online with current and prospective clients. It’s not hard, just follow me for some helpful guidelines to get you on your way. And remember, most importantly...

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