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I Was Told ‘We Are Not A Good Fit’

I had finally filled my last daycare spot that I had been trying to fill for several months, mainly because I was having the worst year ever. But things were “starting” to look up as I brought on a new family. They were transitioning over from another daycare that again was not a good fit for them and their family’s needs. Maybe this was the beginning of a pattern for this family, I have no idea, just mere speculation. Or maybe they were just having bad luck like me. The ‘not a good fit’ week. The ‘not a good fit’ week didn’t start off too good and not because of the daycare. On a personal note, we were dealing with family illnesses and the slaughter of our chicken (named after one of my daycare kids) by a raccoon in our backyard. So we alrea...

The Moments We Share With The Children

If there is going to be one thing I am thankful for it’s the moments we share with the children. It’s the moments that have a lasting impression on each and every one of us. It’s the little things that in actuality are the most important things. I think sometimes we get that feeling that we need to do more. But little things like smiling, laughing, and just showing up go a long way. Unfortunately I can’t share with you the moments they remember with me. But I can share the moments I had with them and hope in some way or another those were special moments for them as well. The moment he smiled at me. I once watched an autistic boy about 13 years ago in the church nursery on Sundays. He would come in every Sunday morning and followed the same routine. He would remove ...

My Thirteen Year Old Wants Her Room Back

I use my thirteen year old daughter’s bedroom as the daycare nap room. We are a family of four and live in a three bedroom single story home. Our home also happens to be my place of business with four daycare children under the age of two. Honestly, I wish it was a four bedroom home so that I could have a spare bedroom to utilize as the daycare kids napping room. I really like the idea of having a separate sleeping space for the daycare kids. They know that when they go in that particular room that it is time to go to sleep. My only other option is to have their sleeping area in the playroom. I know other daycares and infant centers that do this but I always feel like the daycare kids get better sleep and aren’t disturbed as much in a separate bedroom. This article proves my po...

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