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Give A Pumpkin A Bath

Who doesn’t love miniature pumpkins? Over the weekend I came across some miniature pumpkins at the grocery store for 99¢ each. I couldn’t resist pur...

How To Make A Teddy Bear From A Towel

Credit: YouTube Cute do-it-yourself teddy bear completed in a minute. Made from a towel, rubber bands, and ribbon.


Sacramento Police Department Responds To Daycare Bouncy Complaint

A daycare celebrating their yearly fun day, parked a bouncer on the neighborhood street, apparently aggravating a nearby neighbor. The neighbor called in a comp...

Daycare Owner Frustrated With Raccoons Coming From House Next Door

Credit: YouTube This is extremely frustrating. I feel for all of those at this daycare. Animal control could surely relocate these raccoons. She called the cit...

Gerber Pouches Recalled Due To Packaging Defect

Credit: YouTube Pay attention to the beginning of this video. Had to laugh...none of us are perfect. At least she corrects herself towards the end.

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