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Granny’s Christmas Party Mix

The saying is true “Granny made it best!” Every year for Christmas Granny would make us party mix without fail. Even if she wasn’t going to be...

Give A Pumpkin A Bath

Who doesn’t love miniature pumpkins? Over the weekend I came across some miniature pumpkins at the grocery store for 99¢ each. I couldn’t resist pur...


Sacramento Police Department Responds To Daycare Bouncy Complaint

A daycare celebrating their yearly fun day, parked a bouncer on the neighborhood street, apparently aggravating a nearby neighbor. The neighbor called in a comp...

Daycare Owner Frustrated With Raccoons Coming From House Next Door

Credit: YouTube This is extremely frustrating. I feel for all of those at this daycare. Animal control could surely relocate these raccoons. She called the cit...

Gerber Pouches Recalled Due To Packaging Defect

Credit: YouTube Pay attention to the beginning of this video. Had to laugh...none of us are perfect. At least she corrects herself towards the end.

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